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Basic 400 or Super Deluxe 795,000 Package

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We Help You Achieve Instant Internet Traffic On a Limited Budget!

As a savvy Internet marketer, you are well aware that simply having a website does not mean that anyone can and will find you and/or your website.   You also know that no matter how much you have spent on developing your web site, it is very critical that you market your website to the right people based on what you have to offer.  You know that with no traffic to your website you will get no sales.

At TargetMan Online website Traffic-Promotions we deliver innovative, traffic-building programs that get your web site in front of the Internet audience you want to reach.  Where most submission services are using the "shot-gun" approach.  TargetMan Online and their experienced online market team helps you "zero-in" on your market.  This saves you both time and money.   

If Your Prospects Can't Find You, Then They Can't  Buy from You!

Whether your website is new or your website has been online for years, your website needs steady promotion to increase your traffic and increase the odds of being found.  Even if you locate your website in a prominent and well trafficked online mall, you must still list your website with search engines to receive the sales your site deserves.

Statistics tells us that there are a minimum of 17,000 new people logging onto the Internet EVERY WEEK! It is also a known fact that the first thing these new folks are going to do is try to find the subjects and products that interest them.   This is why it is even more important that your website be listed properly with online search engines and directories.

It makes no difference whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation or a small, one person operation.  TargetMan Agency has over 25 years of hi-tech market expertise on how to sensibly (and affordably) promote your business.  TargetMan Online Website Promotions is uniquely qualified to help you gain the success your company needs on the Internet.    


Over the past several years TargetMan Online has researched over 1,000,000+  online locations that will promote  websites.   Out of these 1,000,000+ we have hand picked over 795,000 and add/rotate them daily within our "Hot-List Search Engine/Directory Data Base". 

Beware of "special deals" that offer 500 to 1,000,000 submissions.   These other services may say 500, 600, or 1,000,000 submissions,   but one third or more of their typical submissions end up rejected!    Unlike other submission services who submit your site where ever they can find, we have uniquely developed software that will only submit your site to online locations that will accept it based on a "zeroed-in" market and category selection.

Of the 795,000 hand picked search engines, indexes and directories within our special data base we guarantee you will be placed on a minimum of 90% TOP sites.    With TargetMan Online you receive no rejection for submitting to inappropriate locations.  You only receive quality listings based on the keyword categories you provide us with.


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