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Airport Parking at LAX Just Got Easier

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Whether your flying out of LAX for business or leisure, we all know how parking at Los Angeles International Airport can frustrate any human being. The lack of space, the price, the thought of your car being at an unsafe, insecure lot. As a frequent flyer myself, I understand that the person who only travelers maybe twice a year or 20 times year, the same holds true. Airport Parking is the toughest part of the trip. I have compiled a list of reason why it is extremely advantageous to “reserve” your airport parking before your trip out of LAX Airport.

Reason 1: You will save money. The website I use is www.parkingaccess.com. They negotiate lower rates from the parking facility and offer them to you. You book online by making a deposit of the 1st day of parking, plus a small convenience fee. The 1 day of pakring is then deducted from the total bill when you exit the facility. Parkingaccess.com provides you with a total quoate as well. For instance, if you’re planning a trip for 7 days, parkingaccess.com will quote you 7 days, but only require the first day to be paid online. When you leave the facility, you’ll be responsible for only the remainder, or 6 days of parking.

Reason 2: You will save time. When you reserve airport parking, you know exactly where you are parking and that you have a guaranteed space. Unlike on-airport parking, where you drive up and down the rows looking for a space, the facilities that parkingaccess.com works with guarantee your space and direct you to it.

Reason 3: You car is safe and secure. Parkingaccess.com does a fabulous job making sure the parking facilities they work with; live up to the highest standards of customer service and security. Facilities are fenced, lighted, and open 24/7.

Reason 4: Never get lost again. After making your reservation, parkingaccess.com provides you with a map and directions that you can easily print out and bring with you on your way to the airport. We’ve all been there trying to find a facility a friend or colleague told you about and waste 20-30 minutes searching for it.

Reason 5: Customer Satisfaction. Unlike on-airport parking, where you wait and wait for a shuttle bus to come pick you up, parkingaccess.com parking facilities either valet your car, or follow you to your car when you enter the lot. The shuttle bus drivers will even help you with your luggage and drive you immediately to your terminal, FREE of charge.

If only to look through the site to find information about the parking options at LAX, I highly suggest you visit the site before your next trip. parkingaccess.com will also assist you with any questions by emailing them at care@parkingaccess.com. Your trip starts and ends with parking, why not make it an experience you will remember, not dread to do again the next trip you make.

Mr. Gregory Bessoni provides editorial on airport parking. Mr. Gregory Bessoni is the CEO and Founder of parkingaccess.com, one of the leaders on the Internet of providing airport parking reservations and airport hotel park and fly reservations.



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