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Morgan, Lafitte and Merovingians

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The following missive starts to show a little of what I suspected and when I receive the documents my book on these people will have many other avenues to explore I am sure.

“I have documents concerning one Jean Lafitte, it is possibly Jean Lafitte the pirate after Galveston. Jean Lafitte lived in Cuba with Arsenne Lacarriere Latour. In a letter dated 1829 from Latour to Edward Livingstone Latour identified Jean Lafitte with the name code "Maison Rouge". It is the name of the house of Jean Lafitte at Galveston. In 1827 this Jean Lafitte went to Bordeaux, his native city and bought a castle named "Chateau Lafitte" and other house named "Maison Rouge" at Gradignan near BORDEAUX. Jean Lafitte’s death occurred on 14/03/1858 at GRADIGNAN (this village of Gradignan is the village of the DELAS family). In New Orleans archives exists a Delas/Lafitte connexion. This coincidences are very very strange because it's possible Jean Lafitte the pirate after Galveston and Cuba returned to France at Bordeaux the native city and I have a photo post card of this "Maison Rouge" with the French inscription: ‘La Maison Rouge ayant appartenu à Jean Lafitte 1828/1858.This message for Pam Keyes a Jean Lafitte specialist. Best regards. P. LAFITTE.’” (1)

This person lives in France and he mentions another name that a person from that region would have known. Latour is also a name on wines like Chateau Latour. I have asked him to say if he knows of a connection to the Rothschilds and that would be a stroke of good fortune. He is sending the documents he has. It is just as likely that they bought the castle and there is no familial relationship. However, I must also check into the Cathar connection to Lafitte or the Catalan Tartessian connection that Columbus and other seafarers have. This will require a whole chapter as will some of the things I already know about Cuba and the secret societies. The Edward Livingstone referred to above is very important and we will delve into some of his work with Lafitte and payoffs to American Presidents or other parties later. Maison Rouge is indeed a good name for those who trade in blood.When Edward Livingston is given a huge amount of money by Lafitte is it of interest that he was aide-de-camp to Jackson and both were Masons? I will show it is.

Upon receipt of the documents from Patrick I am finding Joseph Bonaparte and Jean Lafitte tried to break Napoleon out of St. Helena before the British poisoned him. I am now pretty sure that Lafitte was indeed a spy in the gambit of Hibernians like Robespierre, Champlain and Columbus as well as Rumford and maybe even my own ancestor Rufus King.

Before returning to his native Bordeaux to buy a castle in the same manner that Del Monte and other Templarist/Hibernians before him have done when their tasks were complete; Jean Lafitte lived on the Island of Women (Isla Mujeres) near present-day Cancun and close to the potion growing region that we think might be connected with sexual magic and spying such as other Virgin Islanders and Merovingian ‘Sons of Widows’ or Miriams have done in other eras of history I have researched. Maybe he just enjoyed his ‘fun’ and there was nothing more to it you might say. However, it is widely acknowledged that he worked for the Spanish Crown as an agent and we find him involved with the French who ships appeared under his Skull and Bones flag at the Battle of New Orleans. Does this not seem a man who was above mere national interests? Like Robespierre the Irishman who started the French Revolution and Hapsburg/Dupont Merovingians I have shown are in Delaware these people have played all sides of national and supranational interest throughout recorded history and before. In fact Lafitte tried to spring Napoleon from St. Helena and this deserves understanding. Was he going to assist in killing him for Josephine and the British? Was he unsure the arsenic would work before the historian Las Casas was told all Napoleon knew? There are many possibilities and I will likely have no definite answers. (Please look at this site too. http://www.barefootsworld.net/13essay6.html)

Josephine Beauharnais:


“Perhaps the best known Morgan Family were in residence at Tredegar House, near Newport, Gwent in 1402. Throughout the centuries well-kept family records indicate connections with most British land-owning families. The Morgans of Tredegar were followers of Queen Elizabeth I.

On 17 July 1645, Charles I came to Tredegar House as a guest of the Morgans.

The 18th and 19th centuries saw great changes in Wales from an agrarian to an Industrial economy. The iron and coal discoveries in Glamorgan and Monmouthshire changed the scenery of the country…

The turn of the century found Tredegar the site of great parties. These and death duties caused the decline of the Morgans of Tredegar. After World War II, the estate was sold to a religious order and in the 1970's, the County of Newport took the estate over.

King Charles I stayed in the house in 1645 before his execution in 1649, and the County of Monmouthshire (now Gwent) and the town of Newport owe much to development by successive Morgans. Included must be the famous Captain Henry Morgan, twice Governor of Jamaica in the 17th century.” (2)

Though they claim Henry Morgan was the Governor of Jamaica there are other places where I find he took the job his uncle had before him. Clearly this was a well-heeled family long before Sir Henry went off to murderously deceive his own men and practice his debauched and murderous mania.

The Welsh Dragons include Jefferson, Adams and other Pendragon Royals including the Gisors and Brutti - here is a full article from someone else that might whet your appetite for some truth.

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