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Perform Random Acts of Facilitation
Perform Random Acts of Facilitation If you happen to be a member of any kind of group that meets regularly, Im calling you to play your part in saving the world from millions of wasted hours in boring, poorly facilitated meetings! Premise Any...
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We need to abolish advertising for public positions and all parties and lobbies or any corruption that comes from it. I want a penalty of four times the usual and an exclusion from any important job to go along with it in any case of willful corruption. I also want to discuss the kind of thing Porto Allegre has done in Brazil. We can enable all citizens who take the time to educate themselves to vote on important decisions at the city and state level. Sean said.

That is nave to say the least. De Vere smiled at Sean as he said it. But tell us how that might work. I have been amazed at some of your approaches and I have seen them work so I will hold off judging you this time.

I am nave to be sure. I am almost an innocent and I have been victimized or seen my fellow man victimized too much to continue to try to be anything but innocent and nave. In fact I like being innocent and I hope to make everyone strive for the sense of righteous innocence so that we will never again have such a monstrous and terrible catastrophe as we are still in the throes of. My innocence extends to thinking that all people are capable of more than bureaucrats and our Synarchistic leaders have allowed them to do and be. Indeed the question posed by William Shakespeare is appropriate. Are we really will to Be and allow others the right and opportunity To Be?

When people give up the responsibility for the proper management of the world or their own lives, I believe the whole world suffers. This lesson that history has taught me must be considered as we re-create a new world. We should not allow other individuals to make decisions for all of society either. We need a similar educational program for parenting. We must stop the Cycle of Violence which has infected all layers of society. I personally think any person who uses the color of authority for personal needs is akin to a father who has sex with his child.

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This is part of a book. It addresses the need for an educated empowered electorate to replace the bureaucats who schlepp for Oligarchy.
Columnist at The ES Press Magazine
Author of Diverse Druids


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