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U.S. Postal Service Carrier Pickup from Home or Business
Carrier pickup is absolutely FREE... Eliminate your wait in line at your local post office. Excellent service for Home businesses that deal in Internet auctions, legal services and etc. No limit on the number of packages that you need picked up....
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Eliminate Property Taxes & Public Schools

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February 11, 2005

“AMERICA - WE HAVE A PROBLEM!” It’s time to eliminate public schools as they
are ‘nothing’ but endless money pits! Therefore, it’s time to eliminate property taxes!
What’s wrong with the “old-fashioned” school ways when there were 28 to 30 kids in one
(1) class with one (1) teacher and yet kids actually learned how to add, subtract, read,
draw, and, yes, respect themselves and the authority figures over them. I’m talking about
the “old-fashioned” Mothers, Fathers, Teachers and Principals and not this “Modern” ever
so changing - can’t make up their argumentative minds Politicians and School Board
Members “that make the statements like “Merger of Schools and Redistricting won’t go
away!” Would someone, with some common sense, let me know why we have to change
what was working with our schools, back in the “Old-fashioned” days? Does anyone
understand that the kids, including myself, back in the “Good ole days” were brought up to
have prayer in school (and, yes, there were several backgrounds of religion in our schools
then), to have morals, principles, common sense, and values. All of us are now
Professionals and Business Owners who are trying to figure out why the Politicians and
Board Members think that “THEIR WAY” is the only way our children and grandchildren
learn! Guess what, Folks, you need to go bury your head back into the sand! It is a proven
fact that what you are doing to the kids of today is absolutely not working. PERIOD!
As I have said before and I will keep repeating it “Our Children and Grandchildren are
not getting a common sense education and they are going to be left with a debt that can
never be paid” just because all of the Politicians and Board Members have lost their
common sense and they have to grease their egos.
In the past several years, can you see where the School Bond(s)and Millions of Dollars have
been spent? I can’t and neither can you! We are getting absolutely nothing for these
dollars except deeper in debt, bigger salaries being paid out, and raising a society of kids
that cannot carry an intelligent conversation. Is this our “future” American Leaders?
We are all paying enormous taxes and enormous school taxes. IT’S TIME FOR ALL
PROPERTY TAXES BE ELIMINATED! We should demand, immediately, our tax monies
back and put our kids in Private Schools or Home School them so they can learn the basic
skills, morals, values, and principles, that will get them through life. Is it too late to take
our children back and hold and love them, before they get so confused they don’t know
who or what to believe? Does everyone think that this “computerized” age, with all the “if
we don’t do this today it’ll be outdated tomorrow is working?” If you believe this, think
again! Our Children and Grandchildren need role models not “idols”, “cell” phones,
“internet and computers”, “tv’s, dvd’s, etc”. Could this be why drugs and suicide are on
the rise?

Shirley deLong (336) 454-5040
Jamestown, NC

About the Author

Shirley deLong, Jamestown, NC Activist & Environmentalist. Author of several articles that have been published. Honorary Chairwoman for State of NC nominated by White House.
Owner of delong & Associates, Olde Jamestowne Art Gallery. See more on


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