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Fair Tax for Free People
The absolute fairest tax on all the free people in the world is zero tax. Who does the emperor tax, his own, or the stranger? If you are paying no taxes, you are free, for what that may be worth. When you pay tax, you are not free; you are...
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Abuse occurs when ordinary people control prison inmates!

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If you haven't read this article before and viewed the slide show associated with it, you might find it interesting. Basically, it demonstrates how quickly average people can become sadistic when they have disciplinary contol over other individuals. The web page shown below, details a mock prison test, performed many years ago by Stanford University. The test was originally scheduled to last two weeks, but they had to shut it down after only 6 days because of the negative effects it had upon those involved.


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An expert opinion about government

Morgan, Lafitte and Merovingians
The following missive starts to show a little of what I suspected and when I receive the documents my book on these people will have many other avenues to explore I am sure. “I have documents concerning one Jean Lafitte, it is possibly Jean...
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A month in the life of the drug war
A month in the life of the drug war by Kurt St. Angelo @2005 Libertarian Writers' Bureau Near the end of my Libertarian campaign for Marion County Prosecutor in Indianapolis in 2002, I noted stories by news partners WTHR-TV Channel 13 (NBC) and the...
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staffordshire bull terriers
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog – A Masterpiece Amongst the Species The Staffordshire bull terrier is a strong and powerful dog. It is muscular, has distinct cheek muscles, strong jaws and teeth, which form a scissors bite. Contrary to this...
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Highest Law...lesson two
Faith Fellowship Church…PO Box 1586…Broken Arrow, OK 74013…918-451-0270…Pastor Terry Dashner… Higher Law series Lesson Two “Evolution of Inalienable Rights” The Bible declares that man is created in the image and likeness of God. The Bibles says...
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The Hegemony (Church and State)
THE ECCLESIASTICAL GRANT: There are good things done by the hegemony. The Shriner’s Hospital is one fine example to be sure. But when these organizations took control of the institutions of charity things started downhill fast. I am pretty sure...
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