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Baby's First Basket

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A baby gift basket is a perfect shower gift or a great present from the office to an expecting coworker. Contents can vary from keepsake items such as silver plated rattles to practical day-to-day needs such as bottles, pacifiers, and blankets. Baskets in all sizes and price ranges are available, making it easy to choose a gift appropriate to the occasion.

Baby gift baskets often have themes, such as bathtime, potty training, or popular cartoon characters. With some baskets you may be able to opt for either a girl or boy version, but don't worry if you don't know since there are plenty of unisex options available too. While they may seem cute, remember that new parents might get several baby bath sets. Check on what kind of return or exchange policy your gift basket has before making a final decision.

Plush animals are cute, but try to choose a baby gift basket that also contains practical items. If you aren't sure what the new parents already have, look for contents that they will need in quantity like bottles or something that will be used up like lotions or baby shampoo.

For shower gifts, you might want to consider options besides a baby gift basket. A spa gift basket would make an expecting mom feel pampered and pretty, and probably be the only gift at the shower just for her. For new parents, a romantic dinner gift basket may be greatly appreciated, since they probably won't be dining out any time soon.

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that your gift will be welcome. A new baby is a cherished addition to any family and a celebrated event, but also a busy and stressful time for the new parents. A new baby gift basket will let them know that you share in their joy and also that you are there for them.

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Bob Bassett is the owner of Unique Gift Baskets Online which offers a wide selection of gift baskets for any occasion including baby gift baskets, food gift baskets, wine and corporate gift baskets. http://www.uniquegiftbasketsonline.com


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