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An Often Overlooked Secret of Marketing and Negotiating for Real Estate Investors Looking for Deals
When you call sellers, what do you say? When you sit down to write a marketing postcard to find deals, what do you write? When you go to negotiate price and terms, how do you present it? These are scary situations and it is not unusual to be at...
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E-commerce - Booming in the 21st Century

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What really is e-commerce? Undoubtedly, you have heard
so many "e" words; e-mail, e-book, e-trade and more. "E"
stands for electronic. E-commerce is carried out over the
internet, electronically. We can say it is B2B, business to
business, or selling consumers online. If you buy anything
from internet, you are participating in e-commerce. If you
sell anything online, this is also e-commerce. E-commerce
can also apply to services sold or exchanged online.

If you take any goods or services online you pay for that
through credit card, an e-check or a previously established
online account such as Paypal. These are also known as or
called "cybercash" accounts. You can use cyber account, to
transfer money, from your account to another account,
without releasing or revealing any of your personal
information such as credit card numbers and bank accounts

This extra security feature encourages people to feel more
secure with e-commerce and "secured transactions". The
Federal Electronic Signatures Act in 2000 laid down
standards for contracts and forms that are signed
electronically. The Internet had created a whole new world
in which new laws would have to be formed.

Legal standards had to be laid down about e-signatures and
the legal binding of an e-signature. This new law reduces
people's hesitation about online buying and e-commerce
became more favorable in the 90s. By the end of the 1990s,
online retail sales were over $7 million. People are able to
browse and buy things online and receive it by mail,
not going to the store and fighting the crowds, and they
don't have to get dressed to shop. People really love to
shop online.

Trading of stocks, buying airline tickets, and groceries
also fall under e-commerce. Nearly everyone has heard of
Ebay.com. People participate in large numbers at E-Bay
auctions. It is easy to find and browse online markets and
find deals from the comfort of the home. Anyone can create
an E-commerce stores. An online store helps in reaching a
large number of customers.

E-mail, faxes, teleconferencing and telephone or online
banking are all forms of e-commerce also. These forms have
mostly been around longer but they are all still part of the
e-commerce industry. More and more people are taking
advantage and choosing to pay bills online, receive
statements and more. Stephan L. Choi has created a resource website for Everything About Ecommerce .


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