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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Headlines Fail
by George Dodge Many professional copywriters estimate that the headline contributes 80% or more of the success of any ad, article, or sales letter. One direct marketing expert goes so far as to credit the headline with 100% of the...
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Business Scents - Do They Work?

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You see it often in large shopping complexes. Customers
seem to be flocking to a certain stall in large droves.
There is a special attraction that cannot be explained.

Isn't it great to see your own customers flocking to you
in droves, like bees to honey? Could you do with some extra
attraction to your business?

In most of our marketing efforts, the sense of sight reigns
supreme. Banners and billboards catch customer's eyes at
every corner of the street. These visual statements can be
very effective if used correctly. The message they convey
can be bold or or even subtle.

However, there is another way to attract people. It's a
subtle approach that is often overlooked.

It's by using the sense of smell. Have you ever tried to
use the sense of smell to bring in business? Could it be
the break that you are looking for?

Shopping mall owners know how to use it to their advantage.
People tend to feel happy or relaxed when there is a
pleasant smell around them. Aromatic perfumes are sprayed
at regular intervals to make people feel happy and in the
mood to buy.

Smells do have a way of influencing our behavior!

Chemicals called pheromones have a way of influencing
animals especially during mating time. Researchers have
uncovered more and more of the secrets of smells in their
study of attraction.

Mammals and insects are known to be attracted to
their mates even from far away places. It's almost like
magic! And it's a natural phenomenon.

Now come the million dollar question. Can you make use of
pheromone chemicals to help in your business? If people are
somehow attracted to you, will you have a better chance to
present your sales pitch more effectively, and more

How about the response from your audience? Will they be
more receptive to someone they like?

If your customer comes with a relaxed frame of mind, do you
think you have a better chance to close a sale?

Everybody has a better opinion of a salesperson who smells
good. Your sales pitch could somehow become more inviting.

And they may not even realize why!

They might not even know what attracts them to the product
you are selling!

You may want to try out this form of marketing for yourself.
Perhaps it might work for you. Check it out at
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