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Ready, Steady, Crocked
The motorway was hell, your dinner was in the dog, but by some superhuman effort involving changing in a telephone booth, you just about made it to the sports centre on time. You’ve had a bad day, you want to hit something, but you couldn’t find...
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Camping Equipment Essentials

Additional Reading

The following is a list of equipment that you likely want to take on a camping excursion.


Spare tent stakes

Sleeping Bags

Ground pad or air mattress

Stove and fuel

Lantern and fuel

Flashlight and spare bulb and batteries


Dutch oven or Reflector oven

If taking a reflector oven- cake pans,

pie plates, muffin tins

Griddle or frying pans


Pot holder

Can opener

Cooking utensils- spatula, large spoon, fork

Mixing bowls


Dish cloth and towels, Dish Soap

Plates, cups, knives , forks, spoons

Repair kit


First Aid Kit


Pocket knife


Moisture proof bags

aluminum foil

Food supplies


Water bottle




Insect Repellant


Rain gear-jacket and pants or poncho


Shirts- Cotton and wool

Sturdy shoes or boots for hiking,

lighter shoes for camp

Underclothing Long pants- cotton and wool

Sun screen lotion



medications etc.

I hope this list has been of assistance in preparing you for your camping excursion.

Val and Robin Shortt are experienced campers and own three outdoor websites For more tips like these and to register for their Free newsletter visit:Good Night Camping Equipment


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