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Can You or Canít You

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There are a lot of people out there who for one reason or another really canít so something. This article is not about you so donít be offended. This article is about all the other people who for one reason or another say they canít do something, when what they really should be saying is that they wonít do something. Now I donít want you to be offended either, I am merely pointing out that we should mean what we say and do what we say we canít but know in our hearts that we could if we tried.

Sound a little confusing? Well it is confusing to me why in our society there are a lot of reasons why we canít but very little results when we could. We can always come up with a lot of reasons why something did not work when we should be trying to get the results of what we are trying to do in the first place. By the time your mind comes up with an excuse you could have been making a break through or completing a task. In fact it takes more effort to think of a reason why wonít do something then to actually do it the first place.

Case in point you are asked to take out the garbage, now you stand there for 10 minutes arguing with the other person trying to get you point across why you canít do it, when you know in your heart you just really donít want to do it. Now you know if you had just taken out the trash in the first place you would have saved yourself 7 or 8 minutes of time, which you could have used to do something else.

Now donít get me wrong we are a country of dreamers who fail to carry out our dreams because we are to busy making excuses for why our dreams would never have worked in the first place. We seem to think that when someone asks us to solve a problem or perform a task that we donít want to do we just come up with those four little words,Ē I canít do itĒ. Now I donít know about you but most people canít because they do not even think trying to see if they can.

A good example of this is the person who would like to go back to school after 15 or 20 years. In their heart they have already said that is going to be tough and so on and so on. Now if they would have expended one ounce of energy they used to make up all those excuses they probably would have gotten an A in their first four classes.

I canít or I can it is such a simple choice but one that ways heavily on our mind. Even now you might be thinking I canít write an article like this one when you never really tried to see if you could. When you are done here pick up a pencil or get on that computer and start writing.

Your mind is a powerful tool. The trick is to not use it for making excuses but to use it for carrying out your dreams. Teach yourself to say I can and I will instead of I canít because I wonít

About the Author

I am a freelance writer from Reading, PA. I write on a variety of subjects from business resources to Christian topics


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