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Zudora.com Launches IT Job Search Engine Indexing Over 20,000 New IT Jobs Per Day


Zudora allows job seekers to search IT jobs across the web, with unprecedented levels of ease, accuracy and relevancy

(PRWEB) March 9, 2005 -- New IT job search allows job seekers to search all major IT related job web sites in the USA with one click. http://www.zudora.com

Zudora.com today launched an IT job search engine http://www.zudora.com that combines over 20,000 new IT jobs daily from a wide range of employment web sites across the USA. The new search engine provides users with an ability to search for IT related jobs within specific States.

Zudora crawls the web dynamically and stores jobs in its index as they appear on employment web sites. Sites indexed by Zudora’s job search engine include the top 10 career sites in the USA and a wide variety of often-overlooked niche web sites.

"Zudora allows the job seeker the ability to save vast amounts of wasted time finding and searching several different job boards. With Zudora it takes just one click of a button and Zudora does the rest", says Chris Collins, Zudora Co-founder.

Zudora automatically removes duplicate jobs from its search results and provides a stored version of each job in case a web site is unavailable. The search engine includes several sorting methods and filters to help job seekers better target their search.

Zudora provides a variety of employment statistics including its Jobonomics service which allows the up to the minute analysis of the job market as it happens. http://www.jobonomics.com.

Zudora also allows the IT job seeker to search for Jobs from featured companies http://www.zudora.com/zudora/company.html.

About the Author

Chris Collins has been working in the recruitment industry for 5 years. His experience covers running a recruitment software company and now running Zudora.com IT job search engine.


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