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Homelessness in America
Homelessness In America Part One .....With the collapse of the Soviet Union and its East European empire, the United States has become the undisputed economic, political, and military power in the world. Abroad, America inspires a commitment to...
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Youth workers and educators offered free magazine


UK Youth, the UK's leading national youth work charity, is offering
all professionals in the youth sector a special FREE EDITION of their
quarterly publication UK Youth.

"We are delighted to offer a free copy of UK Youth magazine to youth
work professionals. We hope this will enable them to evaluate its
relevance and value as a practical tool to assist them in their
everyday work." said Carola Adams, Youth Work Resources and
Information Manager at UK Youth.

The only regular national resource produced by youth groups for youth
groups, UK Youth magazine provides 32-pages of the very best in
cutting-edge youth work from around the UK, bringing stories and
insight from the front line, from those actually involved in working
face-to-face with our young people.

From pilot projects with young drivers or young mothers to practical
tips and ideas on how to tackle issues around gender, sexuality,
disability or race, UK Youth magazine reflects - and provides a unique
voice for - over 6000 youth groups and workers nationwide.

Brimming with news, analysis, fresh ideas, topical features, live case
studies and practical tips, UK Youth magazine delivers authoritative,
relevant and innovative insight into the challenges faced by youth
workers and young people in the UK today.

This high quality, full-colour publication has become essential
reading for many in the UK's youth sector, keeping them up to speed
with the latest trends, events and resources, as well as giving them a
unique platform from which to air their thoughts, experiences and what
they have learnt with colleagues throughout the UK.

UK Youth magazine is produced by UK Youth, the UK's leading national
voluntary youth organisation, committed to enhancing the lives of
young people through youth work and informal education. Featuring
young people's viewpoints and experiences in participating in project
work, UK Youth magazine is an essential resource for anyone wishing to
learn from, or communicate with, the UK's youth sector.

To take advantage of this free offer, individuals simply have to
register before 31 October 2004 at:


· UK Youth: raises young people's expectations, realises
their potential and recognises their achievements - through informal
education. It supports high quality voluntary youth work and informal
educational opportunities for young people, through a range of
projects, accredited learning programmes, events and publications. It
is the largest non-uniformed national voluntary youth organisation in
the UK, working with 7000 youth groups, 40,000 youth workers and
750,000 young people. It operates across 41 local groups in England,
with national members in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales . More
details at www.ukyouth.org

For further media assistance, images of the publication, including the
latest autumn issue, or a photograph of Carola Adams, please contact:

Aysha Meadows, T: 0207 242 4045; E: aysha@ukyouth.org

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Andrew Bonar works both on a professional and volunteer basis for a variety of clients helping them maximise the value of Media, Marketing and Communication with a special focus on doing it online.


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