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Your Resume Format - What Is The First Thing You Need To Do?


Copyright 2005 by David Green

The first thing you need to do before you write your resume is learn how to format it. Just as if you were cooking a new dish you would follow a recipe, so too should you follow a specific format when you type your resume.

There are three different types of resume formats you can use. First, we will talk about the Chronological resume. The chronological format is the most popular and widely used of the three resume formats. This format keeps you connected to one specific job.

There are four requirements to the Chronological resume. First is your work history. This should show it correlates to your current objectives. Working in the same field, even though you have changed companies, proves you are consistent and dedicated to a specific career path.

The next requirement of the chronologically formatted resume is the number of years you've worked in the same field. Showing you are experienced tells the employer that you have an asset to bring to the table.

Thirdly, you will state your present employer, or, if you are currently unemployed, you want to show that you have been out of a job for a short period of time.

Last, but very important is the length of time you have spent at each company. You will definitely want your resume to shout, “I'm not a job jumper!” The longer you have stayed at each job, the more committed and loyal you will come across to your perspective employer.

Next, there is the Functional resume. The functional resume will work best for you if the following three points relate to your situation.

First, the functional resume format is great for people with little or no job experience.
Secondly, this format works well if the last job you worked at is not in the same field as the position in which you are currently applying.
Thirdly, this specific format will work best for you if you have been out of work for a long time, but now you truly want to start working again.

The last of the three formats is the Combination resume. This type of resume combines the chronological and the functional formats by joining your skills, experience and job history together. The combination resume works well by letting a strong area make up for a weaker area. For example, if your job history is limited, but you have tremendous skill at the task you will perform if hired. The skills you possess may sway the employer to overlook your lack of employment history.

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