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Working As A Wedding Photographer


One of the most rewarding aspects of a photographer’s career can be capturing moments and memories from the weddings of loving and happy couples. In fact, making sure that each and every shot, whether candid or posed, is just right can be both amazingly difficult and uniquely rewarding at the same time. As a wedding photographer you carry an awesome responsibility. The events that you are recording on film will occur for these two particular people only once and the way that they remember their wedding will be directly affected by the job that you do. Because of this, the wedding photographer’s task, while not as glamorous as that of a fashion, sports or news photographer, may be the most important in the craft of photography itself. Photographs like those of the flag raising at Iwo Jima, the unnamed sailor kissing his unnamed girlfriend after the end of World War II, and the New York firemen raising the US flag on 9/11 may have dramatic impact on the entire world, but the wedding photographer has the ability to impact the lives of individuals in a unique and profound way.

Wedding photographers must learn to be able to catch the smallest details of the wedding occasion in a way that will create lasting memories. The focus, of course, is always the bride and groom, but the wedding photographer is also charged with recording those moments that the busy couple may not even have been aware of. While the couple is sure to cherish the photographs of themselves at the altar, reciting their vows or stuffing that traditional first piece of wedding cake into each other’s mouths, it is the photos of a happily drunken Uncle Jack trying to do The Chicken Dance or of a small child’s reaction to the sheer enormity of the event that will be looked upon and remembered fondly by the couple and their family for years to come.

The key to being a successful wedding photographer lies in two concepts: ability and invisibility. The skilled wedding photographer will use her ability to set up poses that result in beautiful and memorable images, to use correct lighting and filter effects on the final product that create breathtaking images, and to make everyone she photographs look better than they do in life. She will use invisibility to be able to catch all those candid moments and get incredible shots of the ceremony in process while remaining unobtrusive and almost completely unnoticed by the wedding party and guests. Mastery of these skills takes time, training, and a certain amount of instinct, but the best wedding photographers have it down to an art.

If photography is your field of choice, you could certainly do worse than opting to work as a wedding photographer. You’ll get to see people at their happiest moments; looking as beautiful and radiant as they can, the memories you help to create and maintain will last for their entire lifetimes, and they will always remember the incredible work of the photographer at their wedding.

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