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In Leadership, The Eight Ways Of Right Action. (Part 2)
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Workforce Development and its Impact on Workers


Training and development is central to the U.S. economy. Businesses need to invest in their employees to ensure delivery of products and services to their customers. The success of their business depends on the employee's ability to get the job done. When employees can’t perform the job profit margins decline. This is a risk businesses today can not afford to take.
What’s good for the employee is good for business. When businesses invest in their employees – they’re investing in their company, which is a win-win scenario.
A career coach can help businesses boost their rate of retention by facilitating career growth and skill development. Employees need to be committed to their work and demonstrate enthusiasm, dedication to the job and willingness to learn and develop their skills. A career coach can make this happen.
A coach enters the place of business and develops a chart of organizational progress at the root of which is a formal assessment process. The coach works with the business to set achievable goals for their employees and create strategies to meet and surpass these goals. Often it’s a matter of changing how staff approaches work. It’s a shift in mindset from “no that’s too hard”, or “that takes too long” to “I’m willing to learn. “I’m happy to do assignment providing I can also have more tasks that I enjoy.”
Employees learn how to optimize skills and move up the ladder. Also, a coach helps organization access available skills by utilizing instruments to measure occupational knowledge and aptitude
With the emphasis on workforce development businesses will inadvertently increase staff retention while also building morale.
People leave jobs for a variety of reasons, but the main one that stands out is training and development according to a study done by the Hay Group in 1999.
Retaining staff has innumerable benefits to businesses. It is more cost effective to retain employees than to have job vacancies. The Society for Human Resources (SHRM) revealed that to replace an employee the cost outweighs the training. As such, it is imperative that businesses spend money on training their employees. This will increase their ROI as well as retention.
Career coaching helps employees make personal changes in their job so they can have greater career satisfaction, establish plans for the future and develop and improve their existing skill set. Choosing the wrong career path can be detrimental for people who are uncertain about their career plans. The value of career coaching is indisputable especially when it saves clients from potential career mishaps. For instance, some people get stuck in a job that they dislike. This decreases their productivity and lowers their morale. On the other hand, there are others who take a job just for the sake of it without thinking of the long-term commitment and effect.
A career coach can help set the path straight for people.
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Annmarie Edwards is a certified International Job & Career Development Coach. She works with individuals and businesses on career development. She has a BSC degree in education and also a MA degree. Presently she is a doctoral student at the University of Phoenix. For more information check out her website at http://www.ariacareerservices.com or call her at (877) 645 -7670


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