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Job Search Strategies that Work!
So you took your resume and posted it on the job boards. You also spent hours searching for the jobs that fit your background and career goals, and you responded to a few dozen jobs. Then you waited for the phone to ring. But it didnít. What went...
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Work From Home Businesses: A Viable Option?


You have been searching for your next job or new career. You rewrote your resume, created a cover letter, posted both on job sites, attended a couple of career fairs, contacted some recruiters, and sent your information in response to some ads you saw in the classifieds. Youíve started networking. You also went on some first interviews, none of which developed into anything further.

You have been searching for roughly two months, and as you take stock of your situation, you realize that you are no further ahead than when you began your search. You have come to a defining point in your job search process.

This may be the perfect time to consider taking your talents and channeling them in a completely new direction. If you are ready for a meaningful change, starting your own home-based business may be the answer. The rewards could be better than you've ever experienced before in your working life.

Work from home businesses these days usually means an online business. You use your computer to make a living. In most cases, that means you need to sell something. But what if youíre not a salesperson? What if youíve never sold a thing in your life?

You donít have to be a salesperson to sell online. In fact, most people starting an online business have never sold anything previously. You begin by looking at the knowledge you possess in a particular area. It could be anything you learned extensively that you now can teach or help others to understand. Anything can be sold online.

It can be software such as a how-to CD or book you write, or a service helping others write code. It can be a book on quilting. It can be information about truck parts. It can even be someone else's product that you sell, for which you receive a commission. The possibilities are endless.

Youíll need a website to promote your products, and thereís a lot of assistance you can get online to help create one. The bottom line is, the initial expense to get your online business up and running is very small. It may take a few months to organize your business into a profit-making machine, but the revenue potential is huge.

Youíll have to give up rush-hour traffic. You may not be wearing business attire as much. You wonít be having those spell-binding meetings you are accustomed to. The only office politics you may have is when your spouse comes home from his/her job at the end of the day. Is a work at home business a viable option? Absolutely.

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David Richter is a recognized authority in career coaching. His extensive knowledge and experience gained from many years in recruitment, outplacement and career management has allowed David to formulate powerful strategies anyone can use to secure interviews and receive offers. David holds Masters in both Engineering and Counseling Psychology. Visit: http://www.procareercoach.com


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