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What Does It Take To Be An Online University Student?


There are several things that need to be considered, when thinking about attending an online college. Most of the things that you need to think about are your own personal qualities. There are several qualities that a student has to possess or learn in order to succeed in obtaining their degree in an online college classroom. The three biggest reasons that students drop out of online degree programs is because they are not self-disciplined enough, they are not self-motivated enough, or they do not have the responsibility needed to complete the courses.

A student has to have enough self-discipline. This should be the biggest factor to consider, when deciding whether to attend an online university. The students have to be able to create and stick to a schedule that balances their work, school, and social lives. The teachers' with online universities will not stand over the students' shoulders and demand their homework gets done. There is not a teacher calling on a student, who is not participating willing, to answer a question. Self-discipline has to be within you in order to create and maintain the schedule needed to obtain the degree you want from an online university. If you do not possess this quality, you really should think for a while about whether you think you can learn to be more self-discipline. It truly takes a lot to commit enough time and dedication that is needed to acquire a degree in this manor. You are the only one who can decide that.

The second quality that an online university student must have is self-motivation. There isn't anyone at an online university that is going to motive its students. The students have to find a way to motivate themselves. They have to attend chat sessions, contact the teacher with questions, and get their homework assignments done on their own. The students have to initiate everything. The teacher is not going to e-mail the student to find out if the homework assignment is going according to plan. Most of them don't e-mail you, if you forgot to submit an assignment. Students at online universities often find it very difficult to get motivated. They are in their own home with hundreds of things that they love to do. Wonder why? When I am at home the last thing I want to think about is work or school. So, getting motivated is difficult, but a necessity. You have to be able to break away. A good think to think about that always helps me stay motivated is that after this, I will make more money. Money is always a great motivator. Just think about how you can tie it to your degree or life.

The last personal quality that is needed is responsibility. To successfully complete an online university degree program, you have to be very responsible. It takes a lot of responsibility to be able to set their own schedule, follow that schedule, and maintain their normal daily duties for a year or more. It can take anywhere from six months to a year to obtain one online degree. That is a long time to try to live with a very rigid schedule balancing school, work, and play. If you don't think you have the responsibility to do this, do you think you can learn to be more responsible. Once again, you are the only person who can make this decision. But, think about the money.

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