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Managing Change--Endings Are Just Doorways to New Beginnings
Every May we celebrate Mother’s Day—a time to tell mothers everywhere how much we love and honor them. In the midst of all the holiday revelry we should take some time to reflect on just what this day represents—the end of nine months of waiting and...
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Time to start a new career?


Your career choices might need reconsideration when your career offers
few opportunities to personal development and you find it hard to get
out of bed in the morning. Then it might be the right time to consider
new career choices, working at home, starting your own business or a
new education.

What we do in our daily life is very important. If we are to spend
more than 60% of our waking time at work or travelling to or home
from work, it better be a job we like. If it isn't, we are better off
making new plans and new career choices for a different future, a
different career. And all good changes start with planning.

Do you want to work at home ?
Would you like to work from your own living room, decide your own
working hours, maybe work by the computer? Are you looking for a way
to start your own home based business?

Heard of affiliate marketing?
A merchant who sells a product or a service via a web site pays a
commission to anyone (the affiliate) who refers a customer to the
merchant, when that customer makes a purchase.

This is called affiliate marketing and has become a very big industry
on the Internet. Many web sites offer affiliate programs that are
free to join. To make money from affiliate programs you don't even
need to have a web site, but it helps if you do have one.

Your choice of career has effects on your health. People who are happy
with their careers live longer and healthier. Take care!

About the Author

Ingela Berger started her own Internet business

Lifestyle Plans

in 2003 to inspire others to make
reality of their dreams of a healthy and fulfilling
lifestyle. Ingela has studied theatre directing, history of art,
and leadership psychology. After some years working with art exhibitions and the theatre she is now back at school
to become a health and lifestyle consultant.


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