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Thinkers are Achievers


Thinkers are Achievers
by Davis Goss

It has been truly said, and history confirms, that the growth of the
United States is due more to independent creative thinkers than to
scholars and statesmen. We seldom consciously think about it, but we all
share that unique capacity to THINK and are born with a potential of
greatness that exceeds our wildest imagination.

We can all identify with the French philosopher Rene Descartes who, as far
back as the 15th century, made a great discovery and announced to the
world, "Cogito ergo sum"...."I think therefore I am". We, too, upon
awakening this morning, became aware of the irrefutable fact that we are
each an individual thinking entity. It is axiomatic that as conscious
thinking individuals we have the capacity to control and change our
experiences by simply making disciplined choices as to what we think and
how we think. All growth and achievement, prosperity and freedom is
predicated more on creative thinking than on any other cause.

Creative thinking is defined by Webster as, "the ability to be productive
through imaginative skills" and he defines imagination as, "the forming of
mental images or ideas". Ideas are an omnipresent component of the
thinking process. Indeed, thinking is comprised of ideas. Ideas are not
something that exists somewhere external to our thinking; they are already
resident in the mind, or consciousness, of each individual. We each have
an unlimited inventory of ideas but we often find it impossible to find
just the right idea when we need it.

How, then, does one access the flow of ideas in order that we may achieve
the success, prosperity and freedom to which we all aspire?

First, let's realize that this creative mental phenomenon functions
separate and apart from the conscious reasoning process. It is the
opening of thought to a dimension of awareness that involves perceptive
capacities and an intuitive sense that cannot be measured or predicted.
It is known and recognized only by its effects.

Second, creativity is an approach or direction toward its subject that
departs from routines and preconceived hypotheses and thereby breaks the
barriers and generally accepted norms that might be held by those of more
disciplined training. Creative thinking is based on the unlimited,
unconfined, abstract, undisciplined and unencumbered

Third, in order that one develop this creative capacity he must,
paradoxically, be aware of certain disciplines. These disciplines,
however, are not rules of limitation or confining parameters but, rather,
are conditions to be alert to that would tend to restrict the flow of

Look at it this way. A soft rubber ball naturally assumes its round shape
as a ball. If you were to distort your ball by winding it with elastic
bands, you would have a grotesque , distorted shape that's all bound up
and restricted because of the unnatural limits imposed on it by the
elastics. It would in no way resemble a ball.
But if you were to remove the restrictive elastics, the ball would resume
its natural shape as a ball.

Note this: You do not have to do anything to the ball to make it take its
natural shape because that is the natural shape and characteristic of the
ball. All you have to do to induce this natural function is to remove the
restrictive barriers that have prevented it from appearing to be what it
really is.

Our thought is much the same. It is the acceptance of restricting,
limiting thoughts that prevent our being consciously aware of the ideas of
which it is comprised. It's our limited thinking, our blind acceptance of
preconceived prejudices that restricts the flow of ideas and new concepts.
Therefore, it is the opening of thought, and the quiet mental listening
for new ideas that brings them to our conscious awareness. These
ideas, remember, are always present in our minds and simply waiting for
our recognition of them. This brings forth new concepts and solutions to
our problems and points the way to new growth opportunities and

Provide the proper mental environment. Take time to think, Be quiet and

For more than 40 years Davis Goss has been a creative consultant with
particular expertise in problem solving. His latest book "The DYNAMICS of
ACHIEVEMENT" outlines the details of his unique problem solving method
which ia based solely on proven scientific laws and principles.

Davis Goss
"The Science of Building Harmonious Life Experiences"

Visit my Website at www.davisgoss.com
Contact me at ideaguy@davisgoss.com

About the Author

Davis Goss has been a creative consultant for more than 40 years with particular expertise in problem solving and product development. A lecturer and author, his latest book "The DYNAMICS of ACHIEVEMENT" has its focus on the SCIENTIFIC approach to problem solving and how to build harmonious life experiences. He is a hoilder of many US patents and is listed in Who's Who.


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