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The advantage in african american children's Part 4


The added advantage in african american children's
education...Computer Homeschooling (Part4)

Parents and friends in our third article we championed using
computers to homeschool African American children and
prepare them for a future where computers will have an
impact on every part of our society. In the final part 4
article we will complete the series by stressing the
importance of making sure your computers and broadband
Internet connection is secure from the daily attack of
hackers, viruses and thieves.. oh my!

Lions, tigers and bears in digital form are being unleashed
on the Internet daily, if not almost hourly. Now most
parents would get the idea that if it's that bad then why
use the Internet at all. If you take a closer look at the
educational environment today, there are lions, tigers and
bears already out there in public and private schools
waiting to take advantage of our african american children
each and everyday. It's almost become a challenge to just
stay alive, let alone avoid drugs, teen pregnancy and other

The difference between the two learning arenas is that while
they are at home learning you have more control protecting
them and more tools to defend against whatever comes their
way. It's far better to have a daily defense for your
african american children's learning, then to wonder what's
going on at their school.

Now, let's get to looking at viruses (lions), hackers
(tigers) and thieves (bears) to keep out of your computer
and your home. Virus software is as important to your
computer and the network it's connected to as proper
nutrition is to your children. Both help to defend against
having a healthy computer/child becoming sick or worse.

Make sure your virus software is up-to-date and that your
computer's operating system is updated constantly. Run your
virus software daily, yes daily and check for updates daily
to make sure the software has the latest tools to protect
your computer. Viruses, worms and other bad software code is
being released near hourly at times, so running your virus
software everyday and keeping it updated is a must. Teach
your children about viruses and what to do to keep your
computers safe and virus free.

As an aid for reviewing the following links are available:
Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Spread the word so that friends
can be able to motivate others in ending the digital divide
in minority communities.

Members of our staff support african american computer
homeschooling in their area and we have a slight favor to
see computer homeschooling everywhere benefit from the
advantages of a wireless network. We even have minority
friends that work at major retailers in several states that
are homeschooled and already have experienced having a
wireless home.

Remember this subject is worthy of more than just one
article and therefore is covered in a 4 part series. To
receive notification of the publication of any updates to
the series or similar articles email us at
going.wireless.spirit@homeschoolwireless.com or if you have
an RSS reader click on this link -

Again we have to thank all our loyal readers and visitors,
without your support the countless hours of being marathoned
by the thought police to put this onto a page would not have
been so worth it.

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Daviyd Peterson©2005 All Rights Reserved

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Daviyd Peterson: 10-year consultant, instructor, trainer
Helps african american homeschools bridge the digital
divide by becoming computer homeschools. Free article on
"Computer Homeschooling" and other related articles



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