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The Difference Between “Need” and “Want”
Let’s face it: Most people spend way too much money on things they don’t really need. The more money we make, the more we tend to spend. This endless cycle of materialism has led many people to confuse the word “need” with the word “want.” As in,...
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The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs


The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs
By Brian L. Pruitt

According to a recent survey, it indicates nearly 70% of American teenagers wanted to learn how to start their own business. However studies have shown that an alarming number of high school seniors only achieve an average score of 40% on basic economic literacy tests!

Results like these should give educators and parents alike the heads up that their children, our future leaders and entrepreneurs of the world, are not getting the skills required to become successful.

That means we as parents and educators must take control of the education our children are receiving and supplement with books, tapes, games, and likeminded conferences. This responsibility must also be realized by our children and they must take the initiative to strive for those additional skills that they will indeed require in their quest for success.

There are endless resources on the world wide web that are good, well-rounded, and educational for our children. Yes, I agree the web has, in some ways, become twisted. However with some due diligence on our part, as parents, and close supervision we can still provide safe tools for our children on the web. There are many sites that can provide infinite resources of inspirational material for our children.
Here are some, just to name a few:
www.gatewaytocreatingwealth.com www.entrenuity.com
www.thinkquest.org www.youngbiz.com www.sba.gov/sbdc
Our children have more resources then ever before to assist them in learning and developing their individual skills. The key is support. It is vitally important that we encourage and support our children's dreams. Yes, they may change their mind on their focus but each and every time they reach and stretch their minds towards an endeavor, they learn and grow. This is vital experience that no teacher, book or even us parents can give them. This is first hand experience that can be of so much importance in building a foundation on which to build a successful and prosperous future.

Looking back, years ago, when I first began to learn to fly an airplane it was evident that it was the support I received that allowed me to reach that dream from within. Although my dreams, visions, and goals have now changed direction, it was a learning process that will be with me forever. My first solo, the completion of my private pilots license, my first flying job, then the achievement of flying the fastest corporate jet in the world. Yes, all these feats along the way have been learning processes that will allow me to take my achievements and experiences within aviation and apply it to my various business endeavors. So, I encourage each and everyone who reads this article to be a leader and mentor to those around you. Whether it be a child, teenager or adult, each and every one of us has the ability to reach out and touch a life that is around us. Be a mentor, a teacher, and a friend.
Keep Reaching, Keep Dreaming!

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