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Specialized Solutions, Inc. Introduces ThinkTank


Specialized Solutions, Inc.
338 E. Lemon St.
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
January 24, 2003

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Cheryl Pelchat - Web Specialist

Specialized Solutions, Inc. Introduces ThinkTank

(Tarpon Springs, Florida)-Specialized Solutions, Inc., premier developer of self-study and certification training products proudly introduces ThinkTank. ThinkTank is a revolutionary, enterprise-wide training solution that provides an administrative tool for learning, delivery and tracking. ThinkTank is designed to quickly plug into a standard network connection and be up and running within minutes. ThinkTank includes an advanced learning management system called Accutrac which makes the merging of content and training simple. Accutrac includes over 50 preset reporting features allowing administrators to totally manage the entire learning process. Accutrac gathers and presents the information needed to manage from one to virtually an unlimited number of students' training, with ease, at the same time.

ThinkTank provides superior training-on-demand at an extremely affordable price. It provides a complete and comprehensive training and learning management system and an unlimited perpetual license on over 1000 on-demand course titles. ThinkTank gives you the advantage of providing, through your network, a full line of IT technical, desktop application, safety, and business skills self-paced training courses that enables you to economically train your entire workforce.

About Specialized Solutions, Inc.

Upon Specialized Solutions, Inc.'s inception in 1996 the company focused primarily on training for the IT industry. Specialized Solutions has since expanded its horizons, offering custom computer based training (CBT), onsite instructor-led training, and online training strategies for a vast array of topics involving many aspects of corporate technology and culture. Specialized Solutions utilizes learning techniques to address an individual's learning style through *SAVI concepts.

Specialized Solutions, Inc. provides cost-effective self-paced learning solutions to successfully train Specialized Solutions' students for a new career in information technology or to meet continuing education objectives in the information technology industry, as well as preparation for certification exams.

*Specialized Solutions concepts are the assessment of learning styles based on the Somatic (learning by doing), Auditory (learning by hearing), Visual (learning by seeing), and Intellectual (learning by thinking) techniques.

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