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Sona Institute Brings George Mason University To India


Press Release

Bangalore India

13th July 2004

Sona Institute Brings George Mason University To India

Sona Valliappa Group a brand name driven by quality and built by value has been associated with education since 1958. The group is diversified in BPO, Textiles and Plantation playing a pivotal roll in industry.

Vee Technologies today launched Sona Institute of Advanced studies (SIAS). SIAS has tied up with George Mason University Washington (GMU) to offer courses in Change Management.

The GMU will offer its Post Graduate degree programs through the Bangalore center. The students will have full access to the GMU faculty and its online content.

Prof. Kingsley Haynes the Dean of GMU shared his views, ‘The tie up with SIAS is another step towards providing best opportunities for Indian students. The students will not incur enormous costs of travel and stay abroad far from their families.’

C.Valliappa Chairman who inaugurated SIAS said, with the problem of getting US visas becoming more and more difficult, the SIAS offering would be an ideal solution.

Chocko Valliappa Founder Trustee says Change Management is becoming more and more important as companies move up the value chain from offshoring to outsourcing. Globalization, reengineering and outsourcing are all propounding the need for change management.

Prof. JL Gandhi the Dean will be responsible for the program. He mentioned that the program would start on the 27th of September structured over 5 semesters. The program will be structured for working professionals with classes held around weekends. Students successfully completing the program will be awarded Masters Degree the same as the one given in the USA. The students will benefit financially as the cost of doing the program in India will be a third of doing the same program in the USA.

The program is open for corporate sponsorship by companies who wish to depute their key employees. Companies that sponsor more than 5 students in a single batch will be eligible to receive specialized consultancy services from George Mason.

About George Mason University: GMU has emerged as a leading university in the USA, with enrollment of more than 28,000 students. It’s a public university in Virginia offering 144-degree programs at the undergraduate, masters, doctorial and professional levels. For more details please visit the website at www.gmu.edu and http://policy.gmu.edu/India/Bangalore/

About Sona Institute: SIAS is a part of the Sona Valliappa Group which owns and runs the Sona Group of Institutions, where 5000 students study on campus providing quality education for over 50 years. The Vision of SIAS says Chocko is to combine the essence of ancient Indian wisdom together with modern concepts and knowledge; our focus will be to be a catalyst for advanced learning. For more details please visit the website at www.sonatech.ac.in

For further details please contact:

Prof. J.L.Gandhi
Dean Corporate Education
Sona Institute of Advanced Studies
Sona Towers 7th Floor
71 Miller Road Bangalore 560052
ph: 222 66677 Extn-1027
email: jlgandhi@veetechnologies.com

About the Author

Prof J.L. Gandhi is a Dean, corporate Education for Sona Institute Of Advance Studies.

He is from IIT-Karagpur and IIM-Calcutta
He has been a educationalist with wide experience in working corporate world as well in India and abroad.


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