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Reflexology Schools


Reflexology Schools teach reflexology therapy, (an ancient art practiced by early Egyptians) and the science founded on the basis that areas of the feet, hands and ears are comprised of zones and reflex areas (which correspond to all glands, organs, and bodily systems). Reflexology schools instruct a therapeutic technique whereby pressure is applied to these reflex areas. Through reflexology school training, students are taught to reduce stress by using thumb, finger and hand methods. Reflexology schools further teach how reflexology can create physiological improvements within the body.

Reflexology schools teach students to restore natural balance and revitalization through reflexology. Not intended to cure diseases, reflexology therapy is valuable in locating high stress or tension areas in the body. Therefore, reflexology schools provide instruction that promotes natural healing through reflexology therapy.

Since 75% of all health problems are linked to stress, reflexology therapy could prove invaluable in this day and age. For more information on reflexology schools and a possible career in reflexology therapy, be sure to check out the Holistic Junction Business Directory for practitioners and schools specializing in reflexology therapy today.

Reflexology Schools
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