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Brain Power
PreSchool Spanish - A Good Idea! Do you have a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year old? Then please read this. If you introduce your child to a 2nd language now you will be giving your child a tremendous advantage in learning and life! Being exposed to a 2nd...
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Quick Tip: Writing A Resume


Youíve just found a few jobs that youíre interested in applying for, but now you realize you need a new resume to really get your foot in the door. While you can find lots of help writing a resume online for free and examples of resume writing, if you read through this article, youíll pick up some useful free resume writing tips.

Before you get down to some serious resume writing, how about taking a few minutes to think about each position that youíve held, and what you accomplished while you held that position. You want to be sure to include your accomplishments in your resume and not just list a bunch of tasks performed.

Your Resume Should Follow These Basic Rules:

** Visual appeal - it's easy to read and reproduce or scan

** Highlights your strengths - shows how you match employer needs

** Presents important information first

** Organized - doesn't go over two pages

** Free of errors - correct spelling, no typos

** No grammatical errors

Your resume should answer these questions:

** Who are you and how can you be reached?

** What do you want to do?

** What have you learned?

** What can you do? What have you done?

** How have you been recognized for your achievements?

** What else do they want to know about you?

Your resume checklist:

** Overall Appearance - Immediate impact; looks professional; easy to read

** Contact Information - Presented at the top; includes address and day/evening phone numbers

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