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Quick Tip: How to Dress for An Interview


Got an interview and wondering what to wear?

Fortunately, this is one of those articles about how to dress for an interview. Maybe you’ve heard of dress for success job interview sites. While there may be more details you can learn online on the subject of proper dress for an interview, I’m just going to quickly cover the basics of how to dress for a job interview.

The standard interview dress code can vary from place to place depending on the industry and actual workplace. However, it's always best to stay on the safe side and dress conservatively for the occasion.

Both men and women should wear dark colors for the traditional interview look. The best suit colors to wear are blue and gray. Black is okay, but can come off as a bit too formal. If you do wear black, make sure to wear another color near your face to soften the impact. Skip the brown. As a rule, men should wear well-tailored suits, women should wear skirts no more than three inches above the knee.

Dressing for Interview Success Quick Tips

** Always wear stockings, even in hot, humid weather

** Don't wear open-toed shoes, backless shoes or mules

** Choose collard dress shirts or blouses (men: wear a tie); no turtlenecks

** Go easy on the jewelry; one or two rings are okay; no nose rings, ankle bracelets, or bracelets/earrings that jangle

** Nails should be neatly groomed; no extremely long nails or loud colored nail polish

** Leave leather jackets and blazers at home

** Briefcases, handbags, and shoes should be conservative in color, no reds, or designer prints; think inconspicuous

It’s also important, when learning how to dress for a interview, to study the employer company’s dress code. Every company has a culture. Take your dress code cues from observing how their employees dress for work.

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