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Complaints in the Workplace The Fine Art of Complaining
How well you deliver complaints may not only dictate the end results of the specific situation, but could set the tone for how your employer and co-workers view you as a team player.... We all run into situations about which we are not pleased, and...
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Online College Degrees


Online and distance degrees are gaining in popularity. Many people find the flexibility offered with distance learning is a huge benefit while trying to juggle the demands of everyday life. Many traditional college institutions are now offering their traditional college couses online as well as some graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Some online colleges have programs that allow you to focus entirely on your field of study making it quicker for you to earn your degree.

Most of these online colleges are accredited. This will be important if you want to get a scholarship or if you will want to apply for any type of financial aid and an online college must be accredited if you are going to transfer your credits. Be sure to check. Also, some degrees such as education and nursing require licensing. Make sure that your state accepts the degree obtained from an online college.

Some distance education programs require that you visit the campus a few times each semester. Some online colleges have orientation at the beginning of each semester which allows for the students to meet with the instructors. It is always good to attend these orientations. Some allow the program to be completed entirely at home. Some online colleges offer shorter semesters and give a choice of six, eight and ten week semesters.

Some colleges offer telecourses which are taped lectures and lessons which you watch at home. Completed ssignments are then mailed to the course instructor. Some assignments can be completed on the computer and the exams e mailed to your instructor. Most schools offer students online help as needed. Some schools allow students use of their online library. Your instructor will be available to you while you complete your course. Instructors generally can be reached by phone during scheduled office hours and can also be reached via e mail. Some colleges offer students interaction with other distance learning students through chats, online message boards and study groups.

As with traditional college courses, these online courses involve a lot of studying. It is important to make a schedule for your study time and to follow it. Most people suggest at least nine hours of study per week of each class you are taking. You won't want to fall behind in your class. A student must be very organized and dedicated to their studies to be able to successfully learn online.

The University of Phoenix is a large and respected online university offering a variety of advanced online degrees such as Associate's, Bachelor's Master's and Doctural. Some of the degrees they offer are Business & MBA, Criminal Justice, Education & Teaching, Healthcare & Nursing and Human Services. You can read more about the University of Phoenix online degree programs by visiting

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