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Verbo Ser
- VERBO SER - Conjugación: Yo -------- Soy Tú -------- Eres El, Ella, Usted--------Es Nosotros / as --------Somos Ellos, ellas, ustedes-------Son Usos: 1.NACIONALIDAD -Yo soy costarricense -Fernando es Mexicano -Pierre Paolo es italiano ...
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Multi-Cultural Holiday-Party Teaching Tip


Happy Holidays! At this time of year, why not plan a multi-cultural holiday party?

Have your children research the holiday customs of their family's heritage country. Depending upon their ages, your students may watch a video, read a book or article, research on the internet, or interview family members.

Have them make a collage or write a report of their findings.

Graph the number of students whose families come from different countries.

The day of the party, let them wear clothes, bring in food (labeled with name of the food and the country it represents), bring in music, and play games representing as many of the countries as possible.

Another way to have an international celebration is for each teacher on the team to be in charge of a different country. Make a passport for the children that needs to be stamped upon their visit to that country. At each stop, the teacher will present an activity for the country (s)he is representing...anything from a dance to a game to a cooking activity...the list is endless.

However you celebrate, have a festive, safe holiday!

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Freda J. Glatt retired from teaching after a 34-year career in early childhood and elementary education. Her focus, now, is to reach out and help others reinforce reading comprehension and develop a love for reading. Visit her site at http://www.sandralreading.com. Reading is FUNdamental!


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