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I hated the "jobs" so I created my own in Japan


I was having such a hard time working for English schools in Japan like so many others. From being made to sell over-priced text books to students, not having sufficient time to prepare lessons, having students put in my advanced classes with-out being able to say I like pizza in English, etcÖ

After three years teaching in Japan I entered management and what an eye opener that was! Besides being expected to work 70 to 80 hours a week, I was also expected to hire, and train teachers which is fine but after a new teacher starts and sees whatís going on they turn to me! What can I do? The real ball was not in my hands and it hurt because the new teachers trusted me and counted on me not to take advantage of them. After being in Japan for three years I just about had it when a friend suggested I start my own school.
To make a long story short, thatís what I did and itís been the BEST!

In Japan you do not need any special business certificates to open a school.
I started in my home and a year later opened up a business location. Sure you need to pay your tax but so what! Itís a small price to pay to be free!

Now I can make all my own ESL games, lesson plans, etc. I never put beginner students in advanced classes and I do
not charge students outrageous fees to join my school.

If you donít know, many schools charge anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars (Just using dollars as an example)
to enter the school system. Whatís this money for? Who knows! That always bothered me.

If you plan to stay in Japan for a while and donít like the teacher situation at the J.O.B. get out there and make your own job.

To your Success.

Craig Desorcy
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About the Author

Craig Desorcy is an ESL teacher in Japan teaching English at his own school for the past five years.
He is also the Author of "The Super Teaching in Japan Handbook"
whicch can be found at www.teaching-in-japan.com


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