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How to Find Opportunity


How To Find Opportunity
H. Vanoy Barton

Does business opportunity pass you by? Do your fondest dreams of financial success remain unfulfilled? Are material success and happiness concepts that have no substance in your life?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, count yourself among the majority of humanity. If the truth be told, and it will in this article, the number one reason why so much of the world's population lives an unfulfilled life is because they have said no to opportunity. The reason so many have said no is simple - they fail to recognize opportunity when it appears. The vast majority of people wait for opportunity to arrive but they only look for exactly their heart's desire of the moment. Opportunity is most often a doorway opening to ever more opportunity While it is true that an opportunity may arise that is exactly what you hope, long and yearn for, it seldom happens. If it did we would be living in a magic kingdom where all dreams are realized and presented with flair by a saintly fairy godperson. We do not live in that world.

Opportunity is much like the air we breathe it is everywhere and it is free. It may not come in the form that we expect, but it comes everyday. It is a part of us. Perhaps you seek the opportunity for a better job. It can be found every time you have that particular thought. The thought itself is that very opportunity, you must take the next step.

For example, if indeed a better job opportunity is what you want, each time that thought arises, then immediately begin to think how you would react if the opportunity did arise. Seize the thought and the fruition of that opportunity will become a reality in your life. Perhaps the better job is the very job you have now. Would your supervisor, or boss, recognize your abilities and ingenuity if you presented her, or him, a well conceived and well written memo on how your job, company, product, etc. could be made more profitable, more efficient, more pleasant, or more salable? Most supervisors, bosses, managers, etc. are open to thoughtful and honest suggestions that will better the company because it will better them as well. However, refrain from disparaging comments about your current job, or comment. Do not dwell upon any negative aspects of any condition, or person in your memo. Rather make your memo a concise and energetic effort toward the good for all concerned.

Without a doubt, many managers, supervisors, or bosses will not be receptive to an approach such as this, most because they cannot be. We do not live in a perfect world and neither do they. Yes, some people delight in stifling the progress of others. How can this be overcome? It can be overcome in the same manner as virtually any impasse, or problem, can be overcome - by energetic progress toward the good. For example, perhaps the company's competition, or the supervisor's competition quite frankly would be keen to read your thoughts on how to better, not only your job, but the others within the company as well.

The above is but one small example of how opportunity is omnipresent and almost always disguised. In the example above you have seized the opportunity as it presented itself within the mere thought of your desire to have a better job. If you indeed begin constructing a well-planned memo, or letter, or email such as in the example above, you have taken the first step along the journey of making the opportunity a reality.

What you cannot do, however, is say no to opportunity. If you entirely believe that your lot will never improve, it will not. If you do not act in some positive manner - first to recognize opportunity, second to advance it within your life - you will have defeated opportunity. No is a very powerful word, it is even more powerful when you say it to yourself with conviction. Defeat has many disciples and many adherents; billions of them are alive right now.

Stay clicked to This Is Info. Opportunity is a core concept of life. An ongoing mission of This Is Info is to make opportunity a reality for any who yearn for it. In our next segment, we will continue with more of the example of opportunities presented by merely wanting a better job.


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About the Author

H. Vanoy Barton, a fifteen year veteran of the Internet is founder of This Is Info.


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