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Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy


Holistic Junction is proud to exhibit Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy as the featured school of the week.

Located in Historic - Quakertown, Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy is accredited by the International Massage and Somatic Therapies Accreditation Council and is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools.

The Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy's vision is "...to have an Institute that emphasizes a curriculum based on the physiological aspects of Massage Therapy, while informing the students of the many adjunct therapies..." Its comprehensive programming provides students with intricate knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Terminology, Pathology, Massage theory and Massage Techniques that are vital to effective Massage Therapy practice.

Its Massage Therapy Curriculum includes flexible time-line options from 7 to 11 months, and provides the following main courses:

* Massage Practice

* Orthopedic Massage

* Active Isolate Stretching (AIS)

* Myofascial Release

* Myofacial Trigger Point

* Swedish Massage

In addition to these detailed courses, other classes cover Muscular Anatomy & Physiology; Nervous, Endocrine, Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, and Urinary & Reproductive systems as well.

Aside from spacious facilities, onsite clinic and store; the Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy provides inviting financial assistance including PIMT Tuition repayment program, SLM Financial Corporation Professional Education Loans, Career Link of Pennyslvania, GI Bill, and eve an interest-free repayment program!

Furthermore, Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy is dedicated to its students and offers ongoing educational seminars ensuring that its Massage Therapists gain quality courses to increase and expand knowledge in their respective career field.

Holistic Junction is honored to have the Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy on board and salutes its quality standards for being one of society's vital pioneers and promoters of Massage Therapy Education.

To learn more about or to enroll in Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy, please visit: Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy today.


To learn more about our, many listed, healing arts schools, visit our Healing Arts Schools Directory


04/02/2005 - Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy
by C. Bailey-Lloyd
aka. LadyCamelot
Public Relations' Director &

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C. Bailey-Lloyd
aka. LadyCamelot
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