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Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Clinic @ Nature's Atrium


This week, Holistic Junction is featuring the Clinic @ Nature's Atrium.

Established in 1999, the Cinic @ Nature's Atrium is situated just Northwest of Grand Rapids Museums, Arenas and Botanical Gardens in secluded Howard City, Michigan.

Accredited by AMTA, ABMP, and the IMA; Clinic @ Nature's Atrium offers amenities such as lab room and study room. Additionally, financing the cost of your educational goal is made easy at Nature's Atrium because they offer pay-per-class, hands-on training at reasonable, low cost to its students. Courses run from 500 - 700 hours.

Having a knowledgeable staff, and extensive practice experience, Clinic @ Nature's Atrium provides instruction in:

* Craniosacral Therapy

* Massage (including Chair Massage, Shiatsu, Swedish, Polarity Therapy, Hot Rock, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Lyphatic Drain, Prenatal Massage, and Geriatric Massage)

* Reflexology and

* Reflexology Therapy

Furthermore, Owner & director of Clinic @ Nature's Atrium, Ms. Mari Wise, CNHP, CR lends her medical background expertise, along with highly-trained massage therapy staff to assist clients with individual health needs.


Holistic Junction is honored to have the Clinic @ Nature's Atrium on board and salutes its quality standards for being one of America's vital pioneers and promoters of valuable Massage & Alternative Health training.


To learn more about or to enroll in the Clinic @ Nature's Atrium, please visit: Clinic @ Nature's Atrium today!


To learn more about our, many listed, healing arts schools, visit our Healing Arts Schools Directory.


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