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Go to the Head of the Class – How to use the Internet for learning and fun


Go to the Head of the Class – How to use the Internet for learning and fun
By Alvah Parker

Several years ago when I was preparing to start my own business I decided to take an accounting class. I took the course at a local college. Each week I set out for the school which was in a nearby city after working a full day.

I drove during rush hour and left more than enough time to reach the city because parking spaces were scarce. After working a full day I was tired and hungry (I ate when I got home after class). Fighting the traffic to get to class and searching for a parking space were so exhausting that it is amazing that I passed that class!

Fast forward a few years. Now all sorts of classes are given by phone and over the web. The convenience is unbelievable. No more searching for parking, worrying about the weather, and thinking about an empty stomach rather than concentrating on the learning.

Today I can set myself up with my computer and telephone, bring along my sandwich and soda and listen, talk, and learn. E-learning also known as distance learning is simple, cost effective, and fun! And the choices are endless.

Search the web and you will find e-books, e-courses, teleclasses and downloadable recorded material on all sorts of topics. I could now enroll in my accounting class at the site www.KaplanUniversity.com and take the course for credit. Some sites even offer degreed programs.

In my journey investigating what was available I signed up for a teleclass. A teleclass is a class given by telephone, where everyone is connected to the leader of the class and to the other participants. The particular class I signed up for was free so the only cost I incurred was a long distance charge on my phone bill. Of course there are many classes for which you pay but the fee is usually low. I saw several for $19.

Since I am interested in business topics, the class I chose was called The Powered-Up Practice: Building Your Rolodex and was listed by www.CoachVille.com. The class was an hour long. The two leaders had many wonderful tips on the ways to improve networking so that you can create more really meaningful business connections. The next one is on Trends (also free) and I am planning to be on it too.

Sometimes the scheduled time for the teleclass does not fit your schedule. Often the leader will record the call and then provide the audio for sale on his/her website. It is interesting to peruse some sites to see what is available. The www.AwesomeDads.com website has RealAudio and MP3 recordings of their classes.

www.Chabad.org has a sophisticated site for its followers to study the Torah. They did not seem to have teleclasses but their material is provided in a choice of English or Hebrew, real audio, streaming MP3 and downloadable MP3. It also offers many downloadable videos on lots of topics including some for kids.

Have you been so busy at work that you haven’t had time to take that course that you want? You are not alone. Our busy lives today make it difficult to schedule a class. Now there is a way to keep up to date or learn something that’s fun and do it in the evening, on weekends or on a day off. Whatever your interest you can probably find a class on it somewhere on the Internet.

About the Author

About Alvah Parker
Alvah Parker is a Business and Career Coach as well as publisher of Parker’s Points, an email tip list and Road to Success, an ezine. Parker’s Value Program© enables her clients to find their own way to work that is more fulfilling and profitable. Her clients are managers, business owners, sole practioners, attorneys and people in transition. Alvah is found on the web at www.asparker.com. She may also be reached at 781-598-0388.


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