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Finding a Ontario Bartending School


Finding a Ontario Bartending School is as exciting and fun as the bartending job itself. Wading through a sea of choices, you need extra time to decide which will serve your needs best at the lowest price.

Patrons at bars and pubs tend to envy bartenders. They never seem to get angry or bored. Always busy serving customer and calling out their appellations. It's real fun to be a bartender. The laughter, the jokes and the sheer joy of meeting new people everyday is enough to warrant studying towards the profession.

A bartender's job is not routine at all – each new day, you have new customers requesting new blends of drinks or old customers telling you about their life.

A bartender can work on weekdays, weeknights or weekends depending on location and policies of the bar you are working for. Average salary of a tender ranges from $100 to $150 a shift which translates into a possible $500 a month.

But like all professions, you need to be properly schooled in an Ontario Bartending School to be considered. In other words, there is a great deal of professionalism in bartending contrary to popular beliefs that anyone can make a good bartender. That is far from the truth.

It is worthwhile to begin your bartending career with a Toronto Bartending School where you can get quality tuition so when you graduate into the real word of the business, you work like a pro.

A bartending school differs from traditional schools in so many respects especially the approach to instruction and practical training.

On what basis then would we select an Ontario Bartending School ?

Here are some few factors to consider in your search:

Look for an Ontario Bartending School which practice product-neutrality. This means, try to avoid schools that uses one manufacturer's product for training. This way, when you graduate you can work cross-platform and deal with different kinds of beverages. If you doubt anything, just walk up to the school and try to interact with the students to ascertain how instructions go.

Lay hands on the training manual of the Toronto Bartending School and see what their syllabus covers. At the minimum, an Ontario Bartending School should teach serving, stock rotation, wine appraisal, profit analysis, customer interaction, mixtures and counter management.

The syllabus in use should be reviewed frequently to reflect changing industrial trends. So you may ask how long the new syllabus has been in use and whether it takes into account recent developments in the beverage industry.

What is the level of the competence of the instructors? Do they have real world experience that they can impart to you authoritatively?

Lastly, ask about accreditation. Is the school accredited locally, regionally or nationally? Employers would want to employ people who have been trained by recognized schools so do well to graduate from one.

If you are searching for a Ontario Bartending School , you may want to consider the Bartending school of Ontario which offers high profile training for bartenders and awards licenses as well. The school has been approved by Private Career Colleges and has been around for 31 years.

The school has one of the most comprehensive course content on the continent. The course covers in detail:

› Mixology
› Precise free pouring
› Cash registers
› Liquor cost control
› Inventory control
› 250 plus cocktails
› Stock rotation
› Upselling and glassware
› Shaking and measuring techniques
› Job search techniques
› Garnishing/juice preparation

Infact, these are a fragment of the entire course syllabus. The training offering by this Ontario Bartending School is so in-depth that they even teach how to increase your tips from customers. They also assist graduates with jobs.

The school is located at Broadview avenue , but can be found on the web at bartendingontario.com.

Bartending is one profession with lots of potential. You'll never get bored and you never tend to see the same face twice. Choosing such a career thus rewards the individual with several non-monetary compensations, the least being happy all day long with laughter and forgetting about your own sorrows. But remember it will all start with a quality Ontario Bartending School.

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