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Do you satisfied with your job career now?


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Maybe you should think about this question first…

What job are you doing now in your daily life? Do you ask people this question or are you the one being asked?

If you are found hanging around at home every weekday, people will start asking:” You are not going to look for a job?” You will be blacklisted in their heart as “No determination or Lazy” until the day you go to work, isn’t it?

It’s normal; everyone goes to work after finishing their college years in the adult age. Many chose the line they studied and some are not. This depends on your decision on who you want to be in future. Climbing the corporate ladder to the top is the goal.

Working is part of our life. Everyone relies on that monthly paycheck for bills, expenses and leisure…etc. We’ve to go out to work to earn money. So sad thing is we are all becoming slave of the money. Everyone works hard for it. Why? Because there’s a danger of being retrenched or fired and end up looking for jobs again to be out of that little circle of unemployed.

In working times, its ‘money’ that controls your life and not you control your own life. Artists / singers working harder when they are popular as a day will come that they will no longer popular. So earn more money in this time period. Lifestyle has been controlled by that little paper with your signature – ‘Contract’.

For others, they will be carrying loads and loads of debts of their liabilities that signify their ‘rich’ status. Everyone is happy to get a promotion. Why not? Aren’t you happy to get promoted? But when your income increases, do you know that your income tax also increases? If your yearly income has reached the credit card criteria, you are smiling your way to debts.

Time has changes and one person in that particular company has to do multi tasking job that is one person doing a workload of more than one. Health deteriorates as time goes by. More and more people will look for doctors about their stress. All their money goes into the doctor’s pocket and what do you earn? - Medicine

Work hard but work smart. Money and health, which is more important? If your health breaks down, how are you going to work? When the working hours are over, don’t talk or think about it during leisure time. Let go is a way to relax.

As the Chinese says ‘Rest is to go further’. Make good use of your work leaves. Take a break from work is good. When you received your paycheck, pamper yourself like going to spa or reward yourself with a small gift for the hard work. If there is a need, change to a new environment; make some new friends to expand your network.

Anyway, it’s how you look at this matter and this is just my personal views.

About the Author

Cecilia Chang is an internet marketer and articles publisher at http://www.articles.sgonliners.com. Her personal business blog is located at http://www.blog.sgonliners.com. She builds a human edited web directory at http://www.sgonliners.com. If you want to suggest and promote your site, please don’t hesitate to submit it.


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