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College Without A High School Diploma - Possible ?


Don’t give up your dream of enrolling in an online
university just because you didn’t get your high school
diploma. Although most colleges (online and otherwise)
require a high school diploma to enroll in any program that
grants bachelor degrees, there are still several options
available to students who lack the paper to prove that they
graduated high school. See which choice will fit you best:

Community College
Most community colleges assume that a certain percentage of
their population will apply without a high school diploma,
and they plan accordingly. They often have programs
specifically designed to help people who show potential
succeed without the diploma. Since more and more community
colleges are beginning to create online programs, many new
options are opened up for distance learners.

Some colleges will allow students to enroll with a GED.
Designed to be a high school equivalency test, the GED
proves that passing students are comparable with the
current graduating class of seniors.

Non-traditional student status
Students who have been out of high school for a long time
may qualify for “non-traditional” student status. This
means that the student has been outside of school for an
extended period of time and is older than the average
student. Almost all colleges have an organization dedicated
to helping these students find success. You may be able to
bypass traditional requirements (such as the high school
diploma) by proving you have relevant life experience and
demonstrated maturity.

Concurrent enrollment
If you still want to get your high school diploma, you may
be able to take college at the same time you’re working on
your high school credits. Many colleges have special
programs that negotiate concurrent enrollment, which allows
a student to attend two schools at the same time.
The good part is that many high schools allow students to
earn double high school credit by completing college
courses which means you may be able to kill two birds with
one stone.
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About the Author

Graham got a basic education at school, but always felt he
could achieve more. When he discovered e-learning, he knew
that was the answer to his goals.


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