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Beware of Disreputable Construction Staffing Companies


Beware of Disreputable Construction Staffing Companies

Recently I have heard several horror stories about construction staffing companies.
From the employers point staffing companies can save valuable time in recruiting for shut down or fast track projects. It also alleviates the problem of added payroll and personnel task for temporaty employees.

On the other hand a less than reputable staffing company may do you more harm than good. Many of them are poorly qualified and understaffed to properly screen employees. Their screening skills are limited to recognizing a few buzzwords and the names of popular companies. Many of them intentionally deceive potential employees and misrepresent your intent.

If the employees are disgruntled with the staffing company they may not give their best performance or even stay thru to the completion of your project. It could result in a bad reflection on your company from your clients experience and may even make it difficult for you to recruit good employees in the future.

For the employee a reputable staffing company can save a lot of precious time and resources in the constant quest for rewarding projects. One thing you must remember is that these companies represent the employer and see you as only a resource. They are not your personal agent. Before signing onboard with any of the staffing companies you should ask a lot of questions and get firm commitments. A lot of problems come from misunderstandings and blatant deceit.

Common problems are late or misplaced checks, faulty accommodations, misunderstanding about project duration, work hours, per-diem travel pay, front money and salary. There are also numerous reports of unexpected deductions and overcharges for lodging. Beware of any recruiter who recommends a third party to spruce up your resume. This is always a scam.

Many construction staffing companies do not have the necessary capital or client base to do the best job for you on either end of the deal. Too many of them are just one or two person operations. Some seem to only have a handful of clients. Others seem to just read the same help wanted ads that we read.

Some staffing companies advertise for jobs that do not exist for the purpose of gathering data. From your resume they find out exactly whom you worked for and how much you were paid. They can now add your former employer to their list of companies to canvas using the information gleaned from your resume. They get sales leads You get zip.

Before going out on a limb with any staffing company be sure to investigate thoroughly. Get recommendations from acquaintances that have had good experiences with them. If possablec Contact the client to get the real lowdown about the project. A good company will have no secrets in this respect.
Last but not least spread the word about the GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY

About the Author

Howard Watkins is a retired Master Electrician and presently the Webmaster and editor of http://brassmein.com A consruction industry information website.


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