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Benefits of Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is a therapy that uses aromatic oils, which are derived from leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins and flowers of plants. They are blended in carrier oil (another oil used for dilution), before being used for body massages, inhalation and baths. It refreshes and de-stresses the mind and induces a sense of well-being. Since, the smell detection center in the human brain is closely linked with the emotional center, aromatherapy is said to affect your moods. Various essential oils are used in aromatherapy to obtain various results. Some are great sleep inducers, some are great for the skin and some others are good stress busters.
Aromatherapy oils may be inhaled directly (or steam inhaled), massaged into the skin or added to warm bath water. Needless to say, natural oils are better than synthetic oils as it proved better therapeutic benefits. Before use, these oils must be diluted with carrier oils such as almond, jojoba, sunflower or wheat germ oils. If concentrated oils are massaged directly, they may play havoc on the skin. Diluted oils are absorbed by the skin and enter the circulatory system, which in turn, help to relax and rejuvenate. Sandalwood oil is effective as massage oil. With its rich perfume, it helps soften dry and wrinkled skin, stretch marks, itchiness, eczema, sunburn and allergic condition. It also helps in anxiety, depression, headaches and blood pressure irregularities. The root oil of carrot mixed with carrier oil, helps clear blemishes on the skin, apart from relieving stress.
Many oils help relax the body and mind. Cedar wood, Chamomile, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rose, Vanilla and Ylang ylang are popular oils used as stress busters. These are generally used as bath oils and provide a sensual bathing experience. They can either be used single or in combination. Add a few drops to your warm bath water and feel the therapeutic effects. The perfumes in these oils fill your senses.

Some oils when inhaled, soothe the respiratory system, immune system, stimulate memory and also help as mood enhancers. Eucalyptus oil, sandalwood oil and peppermint oils are beneficial in these treatments. Some essential oils are so relaxing that they help to promote sleep, such as geranium, juniper, lavender, lemongrass and ylang ylang. Most oils have antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, which helps in the treatment of infections. Oils such as tea tree oil, juniper berry oil and Rose Mary are used for skin and hair care.

Despite its beneficial effects, it is advisable that people with serious health problems seek professional help before using them. These oils must never be taken internally and are best avoided when pregnant or nursing. Also, remember, more is not better. Use the right quantity, and use it the right way to get the best results.

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