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Your Ad -- Who Cares?
Junk mail. We all get it. And it goes straight to the trash can. How do you make sure your marketing piece doesn't end up in the round file? Give it the 'who cares' test. You have approximately five seconds to get your prospect's attention....
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Virtual Assistance; A Money Saving Opportunity For Employers.


What is a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled, independent entrepreneur who provides business services in a remote or virtual environment. Some have used terms like telecommuter or working from home.

Employers are looking for alternatives to having a full-time employee. Hiring a skilled Virtual Assistant helps to cut costs normally associated with on-site employees (no need for extra overhead and space, taxes, benefits, continued training), and frees up valuable time to focus on higher priority tasks that will inturn increase profits.

Assistant For You!, a Puyallup based a virtual assistance and web design company, specializes in website design and promotion, Administrative and Real Estate Support.

November 1, 2003 marks Assistant For You!’s first anniversary. Ms. Bresser attributes her success to keeping on top of the current trends in targeted industries allowing Assistant For You! to adapt to specific client needs.

For those wanting to start a Virtual Assistance company, Ms Bresser suggests, “niche in an area that you are not only good at, but love to do.“ She urges finding an established Virtual Assistant as a mentor during these rough start-up phases. “Having a mentor will help you avoid pitfalls that many face,” says Ms. Bresser.

For more information about the Virtual Assistant industry and why you should hire one, contact Assistant For You! today. We can be reached directly by phone at (253) 537-7703, by email at heather@assistantforyou.com, or on the web at http://www.assistantforyou.com.

Heather Bresser, Virtual Assistant and business owner of AssistantForYou.com, offers high energy and her outgoing personality to her varied clients, and has been able to help them with marketing and growing their businesses through providing innovative website design and marketing strategies.


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